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Preserving our history​​

     The year was 1999. The turn of century was about to happen. Y2K was a real threat. So, why not start a company? Born out of entrepreneurial necessity and an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, making custom cabinetry was the perfect fit.

      Founded by Bram Wouters at the age of 21  in the garage of his parents house, he began making custom cabinets to perfection. He quickly outgrew that space in the first year and moved on to a larger space only to outgrow that space in the following 2 years. As the economy grew so did our founding company Brambuilt Cabinets. In 2009 a decision was made to sell Brambuilt Cabinets so it could be taken to the next level all while a new direction was formed with Dutch Design Cabinetry. Veering away from cabinets being built in-house and establishing relationships with local and national manufactures, we now offer cabinetry from stock and semi-custom to custom. This allows increased quality control and better time management for our customers. We pride ourselves on thoroughness, timeliness, and overall value.