Stock Cabinetry  Custom Design

52 Stock Door Styles  -- Delivered in 15 Days or Less

Do you want your kitchen to be exactly the way you envisioned? Then custom cabinets are the way to go. Our 20 day cabinets offer just that…… cabinets the way you want.

With virtually 1000's of wood, color, door, and molding profiles to choose from. We can be sure to come up with your own unique style and make your home stand out from the norm. 

These are the most popular door styles with a variety of finish options. Also known as semi-custom cabinets they are typically the top 10-15 door styles along with options for the top 10 paint choices and the top 10 stain colors. You can also get the doors finished with a glaze and for an added effect choose distressing to make an old world or well traveled effect.

7 day cabinets or “stock cabinets”, are cabinets that are just produced in large quantities. This reduces production time from having to build and finish one set of cabinets at a time. Also, it allows for the purchase of raw materials in bulk. This all translates to a quicker lead time and a lower price point or what we say; “You Win!”  

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This 23 Page Guide Lays It All Out For You. Planning Everything From The Design and Layout to The Final Finishes

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